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"The key to immigration law is experience and details. We have the experience that comes with processing family petitions, and over 30 years of immigration courtroom experience. When it comes to an asylum petition or cancellation of removal to prevent deportation or an appeal to the BIA or the an Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, we know there is no substitute experience, preparation and presentation of evidence. Our site is designed to give you an overview of several immigration processes before making an appointment for your free consultation."

Deferred Action - Work Authorization - Childhood Arrivals

President Obama's 2012 Executive Order grants High School Students and Graduates the right to apply of work permits, and provides Protection from Deportation for 2 years. To qualify one must have arrived in the U.S. before the age of 16, have been continuously present in the U.S. since July 2007, be a person of good moral character and currently under the age of 30 as of June 2012.

Over 800,000 "early arrivals" have benefitted from this program and many of them have been able to adjust status thru marriage to a US citizen. In addition the Dream Act was just re introduced in Congress to allow DACA recipients to self petition for lawful permanent residence.

LGBT Spouses

USCIS Regulations now permit LGBT couples to petition for their foreign national spouse or fiancé to adjust status, obtain a K1 Visa, apply for an I 601 A Waiver and Parole in Place, all of the programs listed above. Our firm has obtained Fiance Visas, Adjustments of Status, and has pending Parole in Place and I 601 A Waivers for LGBT couples.

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