Immigration Court for Asylum

Asylum cases are handled in Immigration Court for two purposes: either an alien already in removal proceedings files for asylum as a form of relief from deportation, or a claim for asylum was referred to Immigration Court because the USCIS did not find the claim convincing.

In the latter case, it can be hard to prevail once your asylum case reaches Immigration Court, so if you have not filed your claim yet you should read about Applying for Asylum and the Asylum Interview and consult with an immigration attorney experienced in handling asylum cases.

If you have a Notice to Appear for Immigration Court contact an experienced asylum attorney to attend you first hearing and identify relief from deportation. You may have more than one defense to deportation. File the I 589 application and 6 months later, application for work authorization thru USCIS and set for trial.

Our attorney has successfully litigated applications for Asylum and Withholding of Removal for immigrants from the following countries: Honduras, El Salvador Nicaragua, Cambodia, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal, Singapore, and Vietnam. Immigration Court, in August 2017, granted asylum for an El Salvadorian client of ours in August 2017, who had been threatened by cartels he had testified against in Court.