Asylum Claims

In the Trump Era, with an anti immigrant Attorney General running the Dept of Justice and having control of the Immigration Court Process asylum claims are very difficult to pursue. The attorney general has tried to eliminate asylum claims for victims of spousal and child abuse in their hoe countries. There remain a one year deadline from the time one enters the U.S. to file an I 589 asylum application. Work permits, which are supposed to be available 180 days after filing asylum are being delayed and court cases are being accelerated in asylum hearings.

Overall, about half of all asylum applications are denied either at the initial interview or in Immigration Court, and applicants who do not have representation fare much worse (less than 20 percent approval). However, our attorney has prevailed for the vast majority of his clients. We achieve these superior results by carefully selecting clients with strong asylum claims, investing time and energy into preparing our clients for the asylum interview, and offering personal legal representation at the interview here in San Francisco.

In the Trump era, unless one is under 18 years of 18 when entering one is not granted an asylum interview. They are placed into deportation proceedings within days of entering the U.S. Thus it is crucial to seek competent legal representation immediately upon arriving in the U.S.

If you or a family member has already filed an asylum petition or is contemplating doing so, contact our San Francisco Law Offices for a free consultation. To learn more about the asylum application process, read more about: