The Asylum Interview

After an asylum application is filed eventually an asylum interview is scheduled. If you are applying for asylum and you reside in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, or Washington, your asylum interview will be scheduled at the San Francisco Asylum Office, near our downtown San Francisco immigration law office. Our experienced immigration attorney can prepare you for the asylum interview and accompany you during the interview to ensure that you are informed and comfortable. Our lawyer has successfully represented asylees from countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Cambodia, Columbia, Cuba, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal, Singapore, and Vietnam.

At the interview, you and your spouse, children, and any other dependents named in the asylum application will be joined by our immigration lawyer. An asylum officer will ask a series of questions to confirm details of your claim about why you are fearful of returning to your home country. If needed, a translator will be present. Your rights will be protected by our immigration lawyer, who will help you explain details of your case and make sure that you understand all the questions you are being asked.

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