H1-B Visas

H-1B Visas for Skilled Workers with Employment Offers

With an H-1B Visa, a foreign national can spend two three-year periods in the United States for a total of six years. Aliens on this type of visa are also allowed to pursue a Green Card, making the H-1B a very popular and scarce type of visa. An H-1B Visa holder can also bring a spouse and minor children to the United States.

Every year, the application season for H-1B visas opens on April 1, and it usually fills up with applicants within a few months or even weeks. If you are considering an H-1B visa for yourself or for an employee, you should contact a San Francisco H-1B Visa lawyer today for guidance. To qualify for an H-1B Visa, an individual must have an actual job offer from a company for a position that would utilize that person's skills. The skills required must also be related to the person's education and work background, which must be some combination of four years of university training or twelve years of work experience.

If you would like an H-1B Visa, begin by looking for jobs that would utilize your skills and training. You may count three years spent working at a job to substitute for one year of university studying the same skills. If you already have a job offer or are an employer who has someone in mind, contact us today for a free H-1B Visa consultation.