Asylum Claims

Asylum Applications have a history of being misused to allow an illegal alien or a person in unlawful status to attempt to remain in the United States. Historically the Asylum application was used by unscrupulous notarios and even some immigration lawyers, to obtain an illegal alien employment authorization. Given this history, asylum petitions are subject to increased scrutiny for credibility at the time of the asylum interview and in immigration court. A finding of a frivolous asylum application can result in being forever banned for admission into the United States.

The vast majority of asylum applications are denied either at the initial interview or in immigration court. However, our attorney has prevailed for the vast majority of his clients. Why? Because we pick and choose very carefully which clients to file asylum applications for and we prepare our clients for the interview and provide personal legal representation at the asylum interview in San Francisco.

In the event a client is referred to immigration court we make sure ample evidence of actual fear of persecution is presented in court by way of documents and live testimony of our client, their family and expert witnesses regarding country conditions.

Viable Asylum applications, by way of USCIS I 589 must present a well founded fear of persecution under one or more of the following criteria: Nationality, Race, Religion, Political Opinion, Member of a Particular Social Group or the Convention Against Torture Act.

The petition must be filed within one year of entry into the United States or by clear and convincing evidence of changes in country conditions during that year.

Do not file an application without consultation! To do so will subject you to removal proceedings if the asylum adjudicator does not accept and agree with the allegations contained in your petition or in the event of insufficient evidence of persecution. Even with a viable claim and adequate proof, a petition will be denied and referred to immigration court if the adjudicator believes your evidence or your statements are not credible.

Our experience has been that our clients who retain us to file their petition and represent them at their asylum interview have a far better chance of being approved at their interview. That approval will save them many months and perhaps years of litigation and many thousands of dollars in lawyer fees.

If on the other hand you have all ready been denied asylum and placed in court proceedings the earlier an experienced asylum attorney is contacted the better. Our attorney has successfully litigated asylum applications from the following countries: Nepal, Iran, Columbia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

If you or a family member has already filed an asylum petition or is contemplating doing so, contact our Northern California Immigration Law Office for a free consultation.

Our advice is to seek an immigration attorney who has a proven record of successfully litigating asylum applications before the Immigration Courts. Our past asylum clients would be more than happy to provide you with their experiences with John Carrico, our lead immigration attorney.